LA MERAVIGLIA (= ital. the miracle) is a small baroque ensemble founded in Berlin in 2008 by Vera Petry.

The focus is on the beauty of the sound of 17th/18th century music and its authentic and virtuoso reproduction on recorder, baroque violin and harpsichord.

The ensemble is also regularly expanded with baroque cello and viola da gamba.

LA MERAVIGLIA features various Berlin specialists in early music: Prisca Stalmarski, Almut Schlicker, Wolfgang von Kessinger, Jia Lim, Sabine Erdmann and the Dutch harpsichordist Siebe Henstra.

We inspire our audience with virtuoso and beautiful-sounding playing. Our exciting and informative presentation brings the listener closer to the instruments made according to historical models and the living environment of the composers from the baroque era. Listen to LA MERAVIGLIA or watch a video